Rosie's on her Way

French Exchange

Long Lost Friend

Twelve of the fourteen songs on my album "French Exchange" are originals, written and arranged solely by me.  


"Lost" was co-written with Tom Unwin and Stig Olson. As well as working on the overall arrangement, I wrote the lyrics and melody after initially being given a chord sequence and a recorded heartbeat of Tom's baby daughter in the womb. The song's original title was "Heartsea".


"I'll Take Care of You" by Brook Benton was arranged and recorded by me as an a cappella song in an afternoon.  


I sing all the backing vocals on the album under the pseudonym, Lady Ruperta Chippington-Groyne; a nickname I was given on a gig by the bass player Fraser Weekes.


Each song tells a different tale, drawing upon personal experiences, people I've met or my thoughts on life. Here are some insights into some of the songs...

Original songs by Noelle Rollings, an independent musician, singer songwriter and jazz vocalist and improviser.  


Released on Eric le Chat Records for Noelle Rollings Music in 2015.

El Toro

Boy When You Love


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