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French Exchange by Noelle et les Papillons

French Exchange by Noëlle et les Papillons is available to buy as a download or physical CD. 


"French Exchange has all the advantages and none of the pitfalls of eclecticism. Noëlle Rollings clearly has curious ears. There are a lot of interesting influences here, but over a period of around fourteen years she allowed them all to fall into the same alchemical vessel and come out as her own brand of gold."


Album review by Sam Richards, SoundArt Radio

An interesting fact:  Independent musicians benefit from using sites such as Bandcamp as the majority of the sale price reaches the artist and not middlemen.  

I'll Take Care of You

“Some nice little acoustic tunes winding our way down to one of the most sublime, professional, polished sessions we’ve had in a very long time on the show tonight.  Noëlle Rollings will be in the house with a, just gorgeous, gorgeous session, stay tuned for that..."

BBC Introducing

Noëlle et les Papillons in session

Noëlle Rollings Music
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