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As well as being a singer songwriter interested in sound I'm very much a visual person.  I love capturing images whenever I'm travelling or just mooching around and I also make homemade films for my songs.  They are low key and simple and are usually shot on camera phones.

It was fun making the video for my song "I'm no Longer Here" with my brother and niece in Devon. We shot it very quickly on an iPhone (my brother had forgotten to bring his camera).  We headed for a busy city centre and I hid in plain sight amongst the hustle and bustle of the weekend shoppers and tourists. Because we were discrete hardly anyone realised what we were doing. Look out for the scenes when I'm sitting on benches next to people going about their business, oblivious to what I was really doing...

I'm no Longer Here by Noelle Rollings
The Lady is a Tramp by Rogers & Hart

I was inspired to arrange and record this version of "Lady is a Tramp" for voice one morning and I recorded it at home in one take.

Later that afternoon I searched for old film footage and I pieced together this film.  A lot of credit goes to dear old Olive Oil and the wonderful Betty Boop.

The Secret by Noelle Rollings

This little film was shot close to where I used to live in Normandy.  I was visiting the beach in Granville when I saw this shoal of tiny fish darting about.

It was mesmerising.

Noëlle Rollings Music
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